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April 28, 2015


The Center will not be doing the work as we originally proposed. We're not aware of any other organization contemplating this kind of study at the present time.

Does this mean that an Impact Study will not be done at all regarding the pipeline?

In public meetings attended, it is clear, just as in town meeting votes, that there is wide and deep opposition to the pipeline. It s also clear that Kinder Morgan believes that there is a documented need based on current and future demand for fracked gas from Pennsylvania(Marcellus shale). The FERC gives permits on the basis of proven demand, and the willingness of the applicant to meet existing regulations and environmental requirements.
I guess the question is, can a majority of citizens who oppose such developments do anything about it in this apparent fixed process? If the permitting process enables corporate interests, rather than reflecting the interests and preferences of citizens, what are their options?

While I am sorry that the NHCPPS will not realize funding from this study, I very much appreciate you standing your ground to protect the integrity of the study and your center.
I wish the State of NH would fund your study or insist that KM fund it if they want to proceed.
Personally, I am not afraid of the truth. However, I think the "truth" includes a recognition of the fact that doubling down on gas-fired electricity generation when we are already over dependent on a single fuel source is only making the problem worse for the next generation.

Disagreement over terms? That disagreement should be public information shared with municipal representatives, especially if it might affect future collaboration.

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